Past President

For 4 years, George Flynn served on the board of the Colorado Film Video Association, (his last two as Vice President then President).

During that time he established, edited & published a monthly CFVA Newsletter, put together over 50 meetings, seminars and events with dozens of Local & National speakers. He’s worked with Ron Henderson & The Denver Film Society to put together Closed Circle Filmmaker’s Round Tables with guests such as, Producer/Director Robert Wise, Producer Ed Pressman, Special Effects Master Ray Harryhausen, Prod./Dir. Frank Perry and others.

He pursued and secured CFVA’s membership benefits with the Colorado Credit Union, Enterprise Auto Leasing/Rental and Keith Renninson CFP (for multiple choice Health/Life & financial services).  He was instrumental in helping his fellow CFVA Board members build our association’s membership.

During that 4 year period it grew from 25 to over 300.  And at the same time he personally compiled and "databased” our association’s mailing list, taking it from 200 to 1800.  It was during this period that CFVA's monthly meeting attendance went from under 20 to 150-200, (sometimes reaching over 300).

He also acted as CFVA’s “Ambassador” fostering ongoing joint meetings & events with other Colorado media organizations such as AICP, ITVA, DIF, SMPTE and others.


Mailing Address

1151 Eagle Drive, #458
Loveland, CO 80537

Phone Numbers

Main: 970-622-2091
Cell Phone: 970-430-1040

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